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We love employees

About Mitarbeitervorteile

Mitarbeitervorteile was founded in Hamburg in 2001. We have been the market-leading value-added portal on the Internet and Intranet. With our large and deep range of offers from over 400 cooperation partners, we offer discounts and advantages in very different segments. Together with our B2B offers, interactive functions and our MIVO blog, we offer a large bouqet to our partners. We help to promote employee satisfaction and motivation within the company. In 2023, MIVO took a big step forward in our business journey. Now we are part of VIP District, an innovative European company specializing in engagement solutions. Our updated business structure brings a great improvement and breakthrough in our customers’ experience.

About our team

We are lucky to have an exceptional team! Our dedicated professionals in Frankfurt and Düsseldorf combine their expertise and creativity to develop innovative solutions and have a passion for innovation. What sets us apart is our global approach as we work with the VIP District team, a diverse and talented team that spans six European countries. Our commitment to excellence drives us to explore new frontiers and ensure our customers receive the best service and innovation in the industry.